About Wanhua
About Wanhua
Wanhua Group

Wanhua Group

Wanhua was founded in 1978, it has developed to be a multinational corporation in the field of chemical engineer, building energy efficiency, ecological board, modular building, energy and finance. The headquarters locates in Yantai. As the largest and most competitive MDI manufacturer in the world, Wanhua has more than 10,000 employees.It subordinates Wanhua Chemical Group (stock code 600309) and Wanhua EnergySave Science and Technical Group (stock code 838261).
14.7Registered Capital: 1.47 Billion Yuan
3Three Global Industrial Parks
200Annual Output: 2 Billion Tons

Yantai Industrial Park started building at 2011 now trying to be the most distinctive, most competitive and integrated industrial park, which covers a total area of 1060 hectares. 30 billion yuan has been invested at the first stage with an area of 530 hectares and it will be finished by the end of 2014, and the total investment will be 70 billion yuan.

Ningbo Industrial Park

Ningbo Industrial Park with the largest single set of device and lowest cost is now most integrated and best qualified MDI manufacturing base. It is also the first large-scale chemical industry park integrated the equipment related to the Coal chemical industry, Alkali chemical and MDI manufacturing together.

Hungary Industrial Park

On the Jan 31st of 2011, Wanhua bought the largest chemical company in Hungary– BorsodChem. This acquisition was appraised the Best Reorganization Case in Eastern Europe and Africa Prime Minister Wen Jiabao at the China - Central and Eastern Europe Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum appraised this case: Wanhua Group’s takeover of BorsodChem in Hungary make this European old chemical company recapture its youth.

Wanhua Modular Projects

Our projects were success in
Australia, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, West Asia and Russia and so on.
20Factory area covers 200,000 sqm.
50005,000 modules production annully

Wanhua Modular Projects as a subsidiary of Wanhua specializes in research, manufacture and distribution of modular building is one of the most important platforms of extension to the industrialization.

With years of rapid development, Wanhua Modular Projects has become the main modular supplier and a well-known supplier in the world with offices set up in Melbourne, Australia.

Wanhua Modular Project, as the national housing industrialization base, relies on the stable supply and technical support of polyurethane from Wanhua, combining international design concept with actual demands from the client and concentrates on the development and application of building industrialization. The products can be widely used in hotel, office building, residential houses, camps, temporary building and global housing projects.