Technical Innovation
Technical Innovation

Wanhua Modular Projects·Design Principle 

Traditionally, modular buildings only exhibit emphasis on structure while pay less attention to the architectural design and interior decoration. Wanhua Modular Projects proposes its design principle as “building structure to be the foundation; external panels and interior decoration to be the support; and architectural design to be the core”, which focuses on structure, material and design at the same time.

Design Is The Core Of Architecture 

Wanhua owns an integrated quality control system and a professional design team.

Featured by the “Backward Planning” concept, Wanhua is committed to meeting customers’ requirements in fields of house layout, design of the house and interior decoration.

Based on the concept of prefabrication, Wanhua will offer an integrated solution for the house.

We design according to the environment and we would choose the most suitable material to ensure customers’ best return.

Product System

With steel load bearing system, production of modules in the plant make sure the high integrity among steel, insulation and finishing. Thanks to the high construction efficiency, low labour intensity, and without wet construction on site, the modular building brings reduced construction cycle and cost; lessens the dependence on labour; and allows disassembling for reutilization.

Decorative Wall Panels Integrated Structure

1、External Finishes+Fire Resistance Panel



4、Internal Finishes+Fire Resistance Panel

Steel Structure

On-site Module Lifting

Product Quality 


Interior Finish

kitchen & bathroom