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Wanhua Modular Projects Held Chinese First Hatching Symposium of Modular Buildings

2017-03-01 8

On February 28th, 2017, Wanhua Modular Projects held Chinese First Hatching Symposium of Modular Buildings. Co-organizing with Power Construction Corporation of China, Wanhua invited Chinese modular building manufactures to the symposium to discuss the trend of modular building industry. Focusing on overseas market, Wanhua is committed to integrating resourcesof Chinese manufacturers so as to offer the best solution for the globalmarket.


Wanhua Modular Projects held Chinese First Hatching Symposium

Oversease Manager of Power Construction Corporation of China

Technolgy Profession of Power Construction Corporation of China

Before the Symposium, Wanhua also invited professionals of Power Construction Corporation of China to visits itsindustrial parks in Yantai, China.


President He Wenlong Introduces Wanhua's Proudcts

In Wanhua Energy-saving Industrial Park, Mr.He Wenlong, Wanhua’s General Manager showed its patent Integrated DecorativeWall Panesl. With steel load bearing system, production of modules in the plantmake sure the high integrity among steel, insulation and finishing. Thanks tothe high construction efficiency, low labour intensity, and without wetconstruction on site, the modular building brings reduced construction cycleand cost; lessens the dependence on labour; and allows disassembling forreutilization.


Wanhua Decorative Wall Panesl

Wanhua Decorative Wall Panesl

Then the professionals visited its newly released Ecological Station Module. The ecological station modules now becomeChinese most popular projects which can be used as commercial outlets ortoilets in tourist attraction.


Wanhua Ecological Station Module

Wanhua Ecological Station Module, Unisex Toliet Module

After visiting the Wanhua Energy-saving Industrial Park, they visited Wanhua Chemistry Industrial Park. The industrialpark started building at 2011 now trying to be the most distinctive, mostcompetitive and integrated industrial park, which covers a total area of 1060 hectares. 30 billion yuan has been invested at the first stage with an area of530 hectares and it will be finished by the end of 2014, and the totalinvestment will be 70 billion yuan.


Wanhua Chemistry Industrial Park

After visiting Wanhua chemistry industrialpark, professionals visited Wanhua Modular Building Industrial Park, and theyall showed praises for the quality and innovative design of Wanhua’s modularbuildings and prefabricated buildings.

Wanhua Modular Building Industrial Park

Communication During the  Symposium